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Scarlet Masts

February 5, 2017
New picture - 'Scarlet Masts'

Today fishing continues to flourish in Old Town, Hastings, where tall Net Shops are a unique feature. All fifty are black and wooden and originally built to store fishing gear over the winter. Usable space was at a premium, so Net Shops had to expand upwards when extra space was needed.

When sketching on the shingle beach in Old Town, I was also attracted by the glorious shades of red I saw reflected around me and decided to make these a feature.

The original measures 36" x 24" and costs £225. Framed prints are available from £37.50.

See it here.

The Approaching Storm

February 3, 2017
All is colourful and bright in this little seaside town. But a storm is coming and only the fish, in their underwater world, are safe from it. Original £175, prints from £22.50. See it here

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Rainbow Reflections

January 27, 2017

Here's something to cheer you up on a cold winter's day. This new painting is called 'Rainbow Reflections'

In a blaze of all seven rainbow hues, this town's wet streets reflect the beauty of the rainbow above. Follow the spectrum colours across these now sunny and sparkling roofs and windows.

Original £135 
Prints from £22.50

See more here

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Butterfly Heart

August 2, 2016
Another foray into the colourful world of butterflies! Click here to view

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July 31, 2016

On 16th July ( a special day in my family) my largest painting yet, 'Standing Proud' was displayed at the Arlington Arts show. Just two weeks later it has been sold to someone local who 'fell in love with it' when she saw it on Facebook. It was lovely to meet her yesterday and to see how her face lit up with pleasure when she actually saw the real painting. Thank you, Claire!

I have quite a few ideas for more paintings of this size. Watch this space but please be patient as they won't appear o...

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Standing Proud

July 30, 2016

This iconic lighthouse really does stand proudly, whether viewed from the sea or from the top of the majestic white cliffs.

We have just sold the original today (thank you so much, Claire Gill!) but framed and unframed prints are available. Click here to view

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Butterfly Book - Out of the Pages

July 25, 2016

The latest in our series of butterfly fantasy pictures. We hope it's as popular as the others have been!
12" x 8" framed prints are £50 each - other sizes and unframed prints are also available. Click here to view

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Fast Flowing Currents at Beachy Head

July 25, 2016
Every view of Beachy Head Lighthouse is special. On this particular day the sun had risen through a summer-soft misted sky, yet the currents flowed quickly, agitating the millpond stillness. The framed original costs £75. Click here to view

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Coastguard Cottages and the Seven Sisters

July 25, 2016

With the farm behind me and to the left, I gazed east across the roofs of Coastguard Cottages towards the Seven Sisters and Belle Tout lighthouse. The cottages and the lighthouse are now luxury holiday dwellings and I'd certainly like to have a look inside!

A new original painting using ink and water based dyes on Bockingford 300gsm watercolour paper £150

Click here to view

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Butterfly Circles

July 8, 2016
Our latest butterfly picture, with a blue, orange or black background and a white cross mount. Available framed or unframed in four sizes. Click here to view 

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