I've recently been on an acrylics course run by Josie Tipler. This has inspired me to have a go at using this medium again. 

1. Landing Ahead!

These three great tits have spotted something tasty on the bird table. Who will reach it first?

Acrylic paints including iridescent medium on Hannemuhle Aquarell 'Cornwall' acid-free, age-resistant, watercolour paper - 450gsm

Original approx. 30cm x 19cm framed £50
Framed prints £12.50 - £25
Unframed prints £7 - £12.50

2. Running Free

The silver mare gallops joyfully across the sandy plain, raising the dust as her hooves hit the ground.

Acrylic paints on canvas board.

Original approx. 410 x 310 mm (16 x 12 inches) framed £75
Framed prints £12.50 - £40
Unframed prints £7 - £20