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Butterfly Book - Out of the Pages

July 25, 2016

The latest in our series of butterfly fantasy pictures. We hope it's as popular as the others have been!
12" x 8" framed prints are £50 each - other sizes and unframed prints are also available. Click here to view


Fast Flowing Currents at Beachy Head

July 25, 2016
Every view of Beachy Head Lighthouse is special. On this particular day the sun had risen through a summer-soft misted sky, yet the currents flowed quickly, agitating the millpond stillness. The framed original costs £75. Click here to view


Coastguard Cottages and the Seven Sisters

July 25, 2016

With the farm behind me and to the left, I gazed east across the roofs of Coastguard Cottages towards the Seven Sisters and Belle Tout lighthouse. The cottages and the lighthouse are now luxury holiday dwellings and I'd certainly like to have a look inside!

A new original painting using ink and water based dyes on Bockingford 300gsm watercolour paper £150

Click here to view


Butterfly Circles

July 8, 2016
Our latest butterfly picture, with a blue, orange or black background and a white cross mount. Available framed or unframed in four sizes. Click here to view 


Sovereign Shingle

May 31, 2016

Houses and flats for homes; the harbour for watery refuge; wooden groynes to hold the beach in place; Martello Tower no 66 to remind us of more violent, invasive times.

All these features, planned and built by us, are outlived by the natural beauty of the coast. Sea-smoothed pebbles; hardened empty shells and starfish help to remind us of life where sea meets shore.

More details here

Julia x


A Fine Day for Drying

May 31, 2016
The golden sun casts vibrant shadows as the lively breeze wakens the wet washing
More details here



May 31, 2016

Cold angular tower blocks are engulfed in cascading heat whilst the burningly hot river bubbles by. See it here

- Julia x


Ribbons and Ripples

May 31, 2016
I've been inspired by the restless sea and how it affects the homes so close to its edge yet not the creatures beneath the waves. On land, there is turmoil while under the surface of the water, the creatures seem to be unaffected. Add a dash (or lots!) of colour and you have the result - Ribbons and Ripples. I really hope you like it! You can see it here
Julia x


Over and Under

May 31, 2016
Land and sea meet at a bubbling border where the natural and built worlds collide and mix. View page


New acrylic paintings!

January 29, 2016

I've recently been on an acrylics course run by Josie Tipler. This has inspired me to have a go at using this medium again. 

1. Landing Ahead!

These three great tits have spotted something tasty on the bird table. Who will reach it first?

Acrylic paints including iridescent medium on Hannemuhle Aquarell 'Cornwall' acid-free, age-resistant, watercolour paper - 450gsm

Original approx. 30cm x 19cm framed £50
Framed prints £12.50 - £25
Unframed prints £7 - £12.50

2. Running Free

The silver mare gallops joyfully across the sandy plain, raising the dust as her hooves hit the ground.

Acrylic paints on canvas board.

Original approx. 410 x 310 mm (16 x 12 inches) framed £75
Framed prints £12.50 - £40
Unframed prints £7 - £20